We are a Boutique Company Here to Help You Obtain Your Goals

We intentionally keep our clientele small as a boutique firm, because we truly are available to our clients 24/7, seven days a week, including all holidays. Someone at K. N. Turner and Associates is on duty at all times.

We talk to you or your people to find out what your goals are and what kind of presence you want, and we do that free of charge. After your company as well as we find that the two are compatible, yes we are selective in our clients because we love what we do and want to keep it that way; then we tell you upfront the cost to bring our full force of talents, and our networking ability to join your team and be an integral part of that team.

For some, this may seem odd in a way that makes one wonder why so ‘reasonable’ compared to other companies that offer services? Well, it is simple; it is how we planned it. You won’t find us parked in any big fancy offices, you won’t find exotic cars in our driveway, and you won’t find a hefty monthly bill in your inbox; this is simple, we planned it that way! Incredible talent for a reasonable fee. We also can charge a monthly retainer fee if you want us on call for more extended periods after our initial work is complete. See our list of
services for a full up to date list on what we are trained in and can provide you.

We stay with our clients as part of the team to give them a more massive presence online via websites, Google alerts, and algorithms, as well as a complete list on our services page.

Funnier yet? What do you have to lose in giving us a chance at taking you and your issues under our roof of total confidence and control?

It takes a bit to sort through and verbalize what we offer clients that make us an ongoing integral part of their team.